Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Club Friday-- Duds.

I hate not finishing books. Usually the pull to find out what happens far overwhelms my dislike of the story. I need to know how things wrap up!  But I've quit three books in the last two months, which is unheard of in my world.  

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner-- I've tried at least three times to read this book.  I got to about page 40 this time before I quit again.  And I deleted it from my "to-read" list on GoodReads wondering why I continued to torture myself with this book.  The weird thing is that I absolutely loved the first few Jennifer Weiner books (In Her Shoes, Good in Bed, Little Earthquakes, and Goodnight Nobody), but the last two I read were not that good, and this one was just annoying.  I wasn't going to listen to the main character whine about how fat she was compared to everyone around her and then her daughter complaining about her mother for 400 pages.  Sure, it'll turn out happy, and everyone will love each other again.  But I didn't care about the journey to get there.

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard-- I wanted SO hard to read this and get into it.  I read over 100 pages before I had to stop.  I know people love these books, but I just can't get past how unrealistic it is.  I mean, completely and utterly ridiculous.  One girl gets killed and her separated-at-birth-that-she-never-knew-about sister comes to town only to end up taking her place and trying to solve the mystery of who killed her.  I'm sorry, but there's no way that people wouldn't notice that it was a different person.  At the very least, her parents would know that it's not the same girl.  I just couldn't handle it anymore.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn-- This made me very sad.  I loved Gone Girl, so I was excited to read other books by Gillian Flynn.  But this book was horribly depressing and dark from page one.  I don't think I got through ten pages before I just felt this heaviness around me.  Definitely not the kind of book that I wanted to devote hours to.  And it was clear why no one knew who Gillian Flynn was before Gone Girl.

Tell me I'm not the only one who couldn't read these.  What books have y'all started but couldn't finish?


  1. Bummer!! I have to get back into reading but I'll be sure to keep these of the list!

  2. I finished that JW one and I think I liked it, I don't remember honestly. Never read the other too but I now have Gone Girl to read, and everyone apparently loved that one so I'm excited. I'm also excited because the movie for GG is being filmed in Missouri :)

  3. I had a hard time with "Certain Girls" too. It made me sad because I adore Jennifer Weiner.

  4. Oddly enough, I have all three of those books on my to read list! Ha! I don't think I've ever not finished a book. If I start it, I finish it...but there have been a few books I've definitely wanted to give up on!

  5. I made it through Certain Girls, but I think only because I listened to it on cd in the car. And I don't think I've picked up another by this author since!