Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Katie Lately.

-- We finished The Office this weekend. As in the tradition of most final seasons of tv shows, it wasn't great. Michael was gone, Andy was gone most of the time, and they made Toby weird and gave him more airtime. Thank goodness that Dwight was still there because it many times saved the show from the horrible storyline they put Jim and Pam through. Although perhaps the worst part of the final season was Nellie. Oh my gosh, I don't know if I've ever disliked a fictional character as much as her. She was SO bad. One blog I read put it this way-- "This, I suppose, is how they’re replacing Mindy Kaling, which is kind of like replacing a bag of M&Ms with a bag of chocolate covered dead baby fingers."  
I cried like a baby at the final few episodes through-- first at Andy's goodbye singing Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You," which was phenomenal.  Then again when Michael appeared at Dwight's wedding.  I wished he had been in so much more of that episode, but his lines, few as they were, were perfect. 

-- Monday night, one of our all-time favorite places finally opened their franchise here in our town!  Bad Daddy's Burger Bar has THE best burgers I've ever eaten.  We've been to the one in Charlotte multiple times.  They've been teasing the opening of the franchise here for months, but now it's finally open!  We went on opening night and will be going again tomorrow with some friends who used to live in Charlotte and love it as much as we do.  My mouth is watering just remembering how delicious my turkey burger was...

-- Donny sold his truck within 24 hours of listing it on craiglist.  It was about to need some major work done that would cost more than it was worth.  So, we sold it.  He got a pretty darn good price for it considering how much work is going to probably have to go into it soon. 
Thank goodness that my grandmother and her husband have a third vehicle that they don't use very often that they let us borrow until we buy a replacement.  That's the one downside of your vehicle selling so quickly-- you have to scramble to make other arrangements for transportation.  We are so blessed that she could and did help us out.  Their Ford Ranger fits in our garage WAY better than the F-150 had!  We can actually walk around the passenger side of the truck in the garage!
-- I'm stuck in this book that I actually find very interesting, but there's something about it that is just not grabbing my attention.  I'm almost 200 pages in, but feel like I have to force myself to pick it up.  I am determined to finish it, though.  Hopefully I'll get it done by this weekend so I can move on to the next Michael Connelly book that I have from the library!


  1. I hated Nellie. And Robert California. Honestly, I wish they had just ended the show when Steve Carrell left. The Jim/Pam storyline was too depressing. We don't watch the show because they keep it real, right? Give me more proposals in the rain and buying a house without the other's consent! I thought the final episode was perfection, though. I would have loved more Michael, but Steve Carrell basically said that his character already said goodbye and the finale was for the other characters, which is true.

    And now I want fried pickles. YUM.

  2. That food looks delicious- especially the tots! Yum! Congrats on selling the car so quickly!
    I get stuck with books sometimes too, but for some ridiculous reason I feel guilty for not finishing it, even if I don't really like it.

  3. awesome that the truck sold for a price you're happy with! Happy car shopping :).