Saturday, October 26, 2013


Oh Saturday, how I love thee. Donny is at a car show today in Charlotte, so I'm relaxing on the couch with full control of the DVR and remote control. I still have a persistent cough, which is annoying, but at least I've been able to sleep at nights.

This week has been incredibly eventful-- our favorite burger place opened a franchise nearby...
We sold Donny's truck...
Bought a new one (and made a profit!)...
Took a trip to the ER for a cluster headache...
And I started a new Michael Connelly book...
Okay, so maybe that last one isn't particularly eventful, but I'm excited!

There wasn't a single night this week that I simply came home from work and relaxed. We were out and about all week!. And as great as the week was, I'm looking forward to a much calmer one coming up. :)


  1. looks like I read your posts out of order - yay for the new truck! The silver looks great :). And making a profit is incredible!! I'm glad for your happy week and I want to try those burgers.

  2. Love getting a chance to control the DVR!!

  3. I can't believe you got a new truck and made a profit. Crazy!!!