Saturday, October 19, 2013

Say Hello to My Little Friends.

If you're looking for a little weekend reading, I've got some suggestions for you!  Some of these girls I've been reading for years, some for only a few weeks.  But all of them are awesome women who I adore.

That's What B Said-- I love love love reading Becca's blog.  Her posts are so heartfelt and beautiful.  I love reading about what God is teaching her and showing her.  She's also a huge bookworm and football fan just like me.

Brunch with Amber--  Amber is doing the 31 Days of October challenge like I am, and her theme is 31 days of Acts of Kindness.  She's such a sweet person, and her dog is pretty darn cute too!
Faith, Hope, and Baseball-- Holly is one of the most joyful people.  She posts every week about things she's thankful for and has such a positive outlook on life!  I love reading her posts.
Faith, Hope, and Baseball
Going the Distance-- Jenn is a soon-to-be bride!!  She and I have been blog friends since before she met her fiance, and it's been so fun to see their relationship grow.  She also posts some delicious recipes!
Going the Distance
Jodi Bean's Blog-- Jodi is one of the few other bloggers that I've had the pleasure of meeting!  She is constantly doing fun things and blogging about them.  Plus, she has the absolute cutest nieces.
Jodi Bean’s Blog
Spirals and Spatulas-- Katie is a fellow lawyer (she just recently passed the Texas bar exam-- yay!).  She posts delicious recipes and DIY projects around her home.

Life of Meg-- Meg is a newlywed and one of the absolute sweetest girls in blog-land.  She also hosts a linkup on Mondays, through which I've found so many awesome blogs.
Mingle 240

Life with Laura-- Laura is one of my first blog friends, and she's probably also the most traveled.  Laura is now living in Hawaii going to a school for Biblical studies, which is so cool.

My Little KGB-- Kelly's blog is also one that I've been following for a long time (even though she recently moved to a new domain).  She's the cutest pregnant lady you've ever seen, and the nursery she's put together for her son is GORGEOUS!

The Life of Bon-- I've only recently discovered Bonnie's blog, but I absolutely love how she writes.  It's honest and funny.  She writes about teaching, about her family, and just about life.

Unabashedly Me-- Micah is inspiring.  She's spent much of the last year unemployed until recently.  She's also just committed to her first half marathon after only having been a runner for a little while.  Oh, and she's also written novels.  Novels, y'all.  Plus, she's also one of the sweetest blog commenters around.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read??


  1. You are SO sweet. Thank you so much for including me :) Your blog is one of my faves too!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. You are the sweetest to include me. I read most of the other blogs you mentioned but excited to check out the couple that I don't follow yet.

  3. Thanks!! I am super flattered to be included on your list! You are the coolest. And not just because you like to read my blog. You are the coolest because your blog is fun to read, you like to read, you like tennis, and you live in the south. And you love Jesus. Just to name a few reasons :).

  4. Aww thank you!!! I'm so honored to be on this post :) I love reading YOUR blog, too!

  5. Aww. Thank you so much for your kind words and for including me. <3 you, Katie.