Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will...

The Daily Tay

Someday I will ... get up early in the mornings and love it.

Someday I will ... see the Eiffel Tower in person.

Someday I will ... grow my own herbs.

Someday I will ... run out of gas because I let it get too low before filling up.

Someday I will ... have a baby.  And a puppy.  Although neither are happening today.
Someday I will ... take awesome pictures with my DSLR.

Someday I will ... pre-make lunches for myself so I can eat more than an apple and some cheetos during the week.

Someday I will ... go to the new Yankee Stadium.  And ice skating at Rockefeller Center.
Someday I will ... spend the evenings on the porch swing with my husband as we watch our kids play.


  1. Oh my goodness I am the WORST about letting my gas get too low before going to get more! And ice skating at Rockefeller Center! I should put that on my to do list as well!

  2. This makes me so excited to go to NYC in December! We gotta go ice skating for sure!

  3. I really should have added stop playing Russian roulette witht the gas tank to my list. i am the worst at this.

  4. Getting up early in the mornings and loving it has to be one of my life goals. I wish so badly I was a morning person, but I just can't get my tush out of bed in the's so hard =( hahaha! ...Also, I've seen the Eifel Tower in Las Vegas, does that count?? ;)

  5. i play chicken with gas in the car all the time too! knock on wood I haven't ran out completely yet!! and yes to rockafeller center too! great list!

  6. Skating on Rockefeller Center used to be on my list until I remembered how awful I am at any type of skating and how I don't want to fall down in front of a zillion people.

    I swear one day I will make mornings my beeotch.

  7. Ice skating at Rockefeller Centre is sooo going on my bucket list!

  8. Love the watching kids on porch swing. And I dream of waking up early and loving it - so not there yet. I am also not as optimistic as you! I wake up at 6:15 here and it's out of control!

  9. I ran out of gas once... it's really really not fun!! Lucky I was near a friend who I called to get a canister full and bring it to me, but it was pretty embarrassing! Love this list though!

  10. You already DO take awesome pictures with your DSLR ;) And yeah, the pre-made lunches thing....I'm working on that this month with my Advocare challenge. Otherwise I'm gonna fail, lol.

  11. I'm the same way on getting gas! It's one of my least favorite things to I always let it get WAY pay E before I ever fill up!