Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Thoughts.

We had a great morning at church today, but now I'm home for the afternoon with nothing really to blog about.  I'm thinking about plenty of things, but none really seem blog-topic worthy:

1.  I hope I can survive the gym tomorrow morning without sending myself into a coughing spasm...

2.  Am I going to be able to convince a judge that items in a center console were not possessed by my client (the passenger in the car)?

3.  What do I want my future to look like with my current firm?

4.  Did the NFL seriously make the flags pink today instead of yellow??  And did some woman really never give herself a self breast exam until she saw all the pink crap at an NFL game??

5.  I wish I had taken a picture of the french toast bake that I made for sunday school this morning before it got eaten...

6.  I'm running out of time to finish up Donny's anniversary present.  I've had a million ideas, most of which I didn't like.  And now the clock is ticking for me to make a decision and get it done.  Any suggestions??

7.  I could use a nap...

What are y'all up to and thinking about today?


  1. I wish you'd taken a pic of french toast bake too, that sounds delicious!

    First anniversary, since it's paper (if y'all do traditional gifts) you could get concert tickets or tickets to a sporting event :)

  2. Your mind sounds a bit like mine! Haha! I just made the internal questions stop by taking a nap for a couple of hours. It worked. I have no clue for suggestions on 2nd anniversary gifts. What is the traditional gift for 2nd year? Maybe a play on that.

  3. #4 - yes, that commercial has been driving me batty! Like, REALLY lady, you needed the NFL to teach you about your body? But the Ron Burgundy commercials during the games were pretty priceless...