Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday.

Another day, another late blog post.  But, at least I'm posting!  24 days in a row!  I think today is a good day to focus on the positive and what I'm thankful for...

1.  I'm thankful that my husband is sitting here beside me right now.  I'm particularly thankful for that because our day started out like this....
Donny woke me up around 5am with an excruciating headache.  I'd never seen someone in that much pain, and it was terrifying.  So, we went to the ER and spent a fun two hours there.  Fortunately, the pain started to abate, and we came home, where he slept for the rest of the morning.  He's doing so much better now, but it was a scary morning.  I'm very thankful he's here beside me right now.

2.  I'm thankful that my family lives so close.  I knew that if anything happened, my mom and dad could be there within 20 minutes.  I just wish that Donny's family lived closer!

3.  I know this is going to sound trivial after #1, but I'm thankful for new office supplies!  And for a job that gives me what I need, be it the fancy highlighters that I ask for or the flexibility to work from home to watch over my husband.  Certainly, my job is not perfect.  But, the positives FAR outweigh any issues that exist.
4.  And I'm thankful for new friends.  We have a double date tonight at our new favorite burger place-- twice in one week!  I'm excited for another delicious turkey burger.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. That must have been very scary! I am glad that he's ok now.

    It's ok to be thankful for highlighters. I love them too! :)

  2. So thankful Donny is ok!! That must have been really scary for sure. And I also LOVE new office supplies, no shame in that!!

  3. I'm glad to hear Donny is doing OK-- sounds really scary! I love the highlighters-- they would make me happy, too :)

  4. I'm so glad that Donny is okay!! If y'all would closer, I would have brought you Taco Cabana and him some Whataburger!