Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Verdicts.

It's now mid-October, which means that I've had at least three episodes of new tv shows that I gave a chance to wow me this season.  I really hate to cut a show off after only the pilot.  Even my favorite show of all time, The West Wing, had a lame pilot.  So, my general rule is that you get two episodes to get me hooked.  The only one that didn't make it past episode one this year was Hostages.  Although really, it didn't make it past the half hour mark in our house because it was so dumb, so I'm not counting it.

So far, my favorite new shows are The Crazy Ones, Trophy Wife, and The Millers.  Not at all surprisingly, they're sitcoms.  I like tv that makes me laugh.  The Trophy Wife stars one of my favorites-- Bradley Whitford-- as the dad of a very blended family, who is now married to Malin Ackerman (who is surprisingly good in this role). The best part of the show, though is the youngest son.  He's so hilarious.
If you only watch one new show this year, please oh please make it The Crazy Ones.  Robin Williams plays an ad exec in Chicago with his daughter (Sarah Michelle Geller) as his business partner.  This show probably has the best supporting cast that really gives it a lot of depth and humor.  LOVE it.
I was really nervous about The Millers.  The pilot made me laugh so hard, but it was also a little rough around the edges.  Will Arnett is a comedic genius, and Margo Martindale is his hilariously overbearing mother.  She can be a little much sometimes, and Beau Bridges needs some more character development, but it makes me laugh so much. 

The definite losers in our house are Back in the Game and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  I was really sad that Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn't better because Andy Samberg is hilarious.  There's just something about comedies on Fox that tend to fall flat for me.  I don't know why, but I can ALWAYS tell that they're on Fox because they're just a little off.
Back in the Game was just bad.  There were some sweet moments between Maggie Lawson and James Caan, but neither of them are funny enough to pull off a sitcom as the leads.  Plus, the humor was so cheap and not creative.  The bad guy in the show named Dick?  Come on, writers-- that's too easy.
Still up in the air for me are The Blacklist and Mom.  The Blacklist is the only drama that I attempted to add to our rotation this year (other than the 20 minutes that I cringed through Hostages...).  I kind of really like it, but I'm also fairly annoyed at the outlandishness of each episode.  Plus, for this girl not to have figured out in the first episode that James Spader is her long-lost father makes me question her intelligence.  But, I need to figure out what's happening with her husband!  So, it's still on the DVR list.
Mom makes me both giggle and cringe.  There are some SUPER funny moments, but also some very awkward ones.  Plus, sometimes the comedy is just awkward, not funny.  I'll give it some more episodes to see how it goes, but I'm not too hopeful that I make it to Christmas with this one.

What are your new favorite shows?  Ones you couldn't make it through?


  1. Ooh, the Crazy Ones looks good! I LOVE Robin Williams!

  2. I love trophy wife! And I like the blacklist but yes I don't get how she doesn't realize that he is her long lost father

  3. I totally love the Crazy Ones! Definitely my favourite new show of the season. I am on the fence with Mom too. It does have some funny moments but it really just reminds me of another Reba.

  4. I have The Crazy Ones and The Millers to still start and catch up on my DVR. I am in total agreement with Brooklyn Nine Nine (didn't even make it through the first part of the pilot) and I love Trophy Wife :)

    1. and I tried to watch Lucky 7 but didn't like it and it was cancelled and I can't remember the other I tried but I stopped right away.