Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Months.

No, not 'til Christmas.  Well yes, it is technically there is two months until Christmas.  But I'm talking about a much bigger countdown-- my birthday!  My thirtieth birthday to be exact.  THIRTY.

It's so weird how as a kid, all you want is to be older than you are.  You dream of being 10, then 16, then 18, then 21.  Sometime your twenties that stops.  You focus on goals-- graduating college, grad school, passing the bar, getting a "real" job, getting married.  The number becomes less important.  Until you start staring milestone numbers in the face.  Now I just want to stay where I am-- here in the good ol' twenties.  For some reason, thirty just sounds terrifying.

There's just something about the number THIRTY that sounds so much more adult than 29.  At thirty, shouldn't you be married with kids and have your life figured out?  I can check one off that list, but some days I still feel like that 21 year old college graduate just starting out.  I can't make my brain remember that I'm actually a grown up now-- I'm a lawyer with a husband and a mortgage.  Obviously I'm a responsible adult.  But I like being silly and weird.  While I know that turning thirty doesn't mean that I can't be fun anymore, it feels like I'm finally crossing over the threshold into adulthood.  I don't feel mature or grown up.  But the numbers don't lie-- I'm about to become a real adult.



  1. WORD. I've still got a couple (and a half) years until that "scary" number hits, but it surprises me more and more every day how old I am. I mean, sure I'm married, have a house, and kids, but....I still don't feel like I should be this old!! (Although my body has a good way of reminding me. =P)

  2. Milestone bdays are definitely not as fun as they were when we were younger. My birthday is in December too and it is taking me closer to 40. Where does the time go? I agree with you, I definitely although I have all the responsibilities of adulthood, I still feel like the same girl I was at 20.

  3. I hear you! 30 freaked me out. But now at 31 I am comfortable with it. I know you'll get there, too.

  4. I'm 33 and I don't have any of those things you listed. Ah well. :)

  5. I'm 30 now (rapidly approaching 31, wah) and it still feels weird. I dont FEEL 30...but maybe that's cuz my association with it is from when I was a kid thinking 30 was "so old." And I have ZERO of the things accomplished that you talked about (altho, on my way to one of them! haha). Just enjoy it!