Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Also Thankful For...

Obviously, I'm beyond thankful for my amazing husband, my wonderful family, great friends, terrific church family, and a job that's given me countless opportunities.  But, I'm also thankful for...

... finding extra money in my coat pockets.  It's the little things that give me joy.

... pinterest.  Seriously, I don't know how I'd cook without it.
... Michael Connelly.  Meeting my goal of reading 50 books this year couldn't have happened without him.
... diet coke.  I don't know how I'd function some days without it.

... candy crush.  This game has gotten me through many-a-day at the courthouse waiting for my cases to be called.

... ear plugs.  I love my husband so much, but I wanted to punch his snoring face every night before I started wearing them.

...  It makes keeping track of books SO easy.  I used to get book journals when I was young and never used them.  Now I have one online that's perfect!

What are you thankful for?


  1. You should get a sound machine. I love mine. I don't hear people in my building anymore!!

  2. All really good things to be thankful for. I haven't gotten on the candy crush bandwagon yet and I think I'll stay away since I dont think I can handle another time sucking addiction lol

  3. Okay, I'm sad I forgot Candy Crush, haha. I finally beat the level I've been stuck on FOREVER this morning.

    I'm so thankful for GoodReads too. Definitely one of my fave sites!

    Thanks for linking up girly! xoxo

  4. Hopped over from the link-up! Extra money in coat pockets, definite YESSSS!! Lol!

  5. I've given up on Candy Crush...and many others. Just can't beat certain levels and I'm done...for now!

  6. Pinterest and Good Reads... Amen.

  7. I have wanted to throw my phone across the room for the last probably month, I can't pass 105 to save my life, the last level that took me this long was probably 68. I am also in love with finding extra cash in my pockets.

  8. hahaha "but I wanted to punch his snoring face"- hilarious!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I'm very thankful for Pinterest, too! What did we do without it?!? Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!