Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Year.

One year ago today, I was a bride.  I woke up, got myself ready, went to the chapel, and walked down the aisle to the love of my life.  It was a WONDERFUL day.
But this year of marriage has been even better than that first day.  I can absolutely say that I love Donny more now than I did then.  We know each other more now than we did then.  He's loved me and supported me and cheered me up when I've been sad.  He makes me laugh like no one else, and I'm so glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

Happy anniversary, Donny!


  1. Happy anniversary to you both!!!! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary missy!! Strange as it sounds, the first year really is a big milestone!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Kala @

  4. hooray! Happy Anniversary! I love that you said your first year has been better than your wedding day - I think that's the goal of marriage - the normal days added together are even better than the day you said I do.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have another amazing year and many more after that. :)

  6. Happy anniversary!! I hope you have a good time celebrating :)