Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Wonderful Christmastime.

This Christmas was absolutely wonderful! It was a great time of family and celebrating the birth of Christ (and my own...)
I love love love our mantle with so many Christmas (and birthday) cards!!
Christmas Eve was a nice relaxing day.  I didn't work all day, and Donny got off at noon.  I finished my first Debbie Macomber book-- 16 Lighthouse Road-- and really, really enjoyed it.
We spent the evening watching Christmas movies and Downton Abbey.  My favorite is A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I ALWAYS watch on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning, Donny and I got up super early to have our own Christmas before heading to my parents' house.  I got Donny a table router for his woodworking and a book that he's been dying for.  He gave me a cast iron skillet and a bicycle.  We've been talking about going bike riding together forever, but I haven't had a bike-- and now I do!
But he really hit a home run with my birthday gift-- a KitchenAid stand mixer!!  I've been DYING for a mixer for years, and Donny got me one this year!  I love it so much... 
He managed to tear me away from the mixer in time to get over to my parents' house.  I made a french toast casserole with cranberry sauce, and my dad made country ham biscuits, and my mom provided the mimosas.
After breakfast, it was time for presents!  My mom always has the most gorgeous tree...
Stockings for the five of us plus two dogs...
The guys all got new fancy flashlights in their stockings, and proceeded to drive Maggie crazy with them.
The very first thing I opened was my new f/1.8 prime lens!  Which is probably why I've taken almost 300 pictures since Wednesday morning...  It takes some super-clear shots-- see the food photos above and these:
My parents got Donny a new tool chest, but he had to find it first...
Donny and I had gotten this plate at our Bible Fellowship gag-gift exchange, so we decided my brother and his fiancee could give it a good home.  Drew was less than thrillled...  Hahaha
After the festivities wrapped up at my parents' house, we went over to my grandma's.  The only gift exchange we do there is a secret santa, so unwrapping presents doesn't take too long.    
Aren't my grandma and her husband adorable??
My grandma gave me a new study Bible, which it gorgeous.  The leather is so soft and supple; it has the words of Christ in red and is thumb-indexed.  Love.

Then it was time for birthday cake!  We had it made by Regi, who made our wedding cake.  All I said was that I wanted it to be Christmas themed, and she came up with this beautiful design!
Donny wasn't feeling very well after dealing with a cold for a few days.  So, we skipped the movie we had planned to go see in favor of coming home to watch The Little Mermaid (which he gave me) and to play some games.  A great way to wrap up the first day of my thirties.
This morning, I got up and immediately put my new mixer to good use by making some chocolate chip cookies!  It's so amazing-- I love it already. 

How was your Christmas??


  1. Love the color of your mixer! And what great quality photos! I think a new camera might be my future investment.

  2. Looks like a great day! Love the mixer. I want one but have such a small kitchen there is no place to store it. I love your mom's tree. It is so pretty. I want to do big thick ribbon like that but I have no clue how to. It looks so simple until you try it! Haha!

    Happy Birthday! So glad you had such a nice day. That cake is adorable!!!!

  3. How exciting!!! I love my KitchenAid stand mixer. Changed. My. World.

  4. What a fun Christmas!! LOVE your new mixer!! I want a pink one sooooooo bad!

  5. That looks like the perfect Christmas, minus not feeling hot. I'm glad your 30th birthday was great! And the stand mixer, score. What a great husband. And a bike; that will bring many happy outings I'm certain. Glad for the new lens - the pictures are amazingly clear.

  6. Don't you just your Prime lens?! Mine stays on my camera 99% of the time and it's perfect for portrait photography :). I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas :)!

  7. I am toooootally jealous of your Kitchen Aid mixer!! The color rocks, too :) Your pictures look amazing, btw...what camera do you use?