Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Bucket List.

I love my seasonal bucket lists!  This is now my third season of doing this, and it's been so fun.  It helps me to remember to DO things instead of letting time just pass me by.  I completed all but one task on my fall list:

Go to Blowing Rock
Go Somewhere for Our Anniversary
Visit Texas
Fail.  We were supposed to go for Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen.  Boo.

College Football Game
More DSLR pictures
Tons.  I'm definitely learning more about my camera.
This is one of my favorites:
Read 15 Books
I read 16!
Make Something with Pumpkin
These bars were a HUGE hit with our Bible Fellowship class.

Go to the Fair
Now time for my Winter Bucket List!
Visit Texas
Read 15 Books
Go to Christmastown USA
Complete the Whole30
Do Something Fun to Celebrate My 30th Birthday
Play in the Snow
Host a Movie/Game Night/Dinner Party for Friends
Watch the Patriots Win the Super Bowl :)


  1. Love this idea! I wish I was better at making lists and sticking to them and getting stuff done! There are few things more satisfying than crossing something off of a list. Happy winter!

  2. I totally need to do this. Maybe i'll wait until after the wedding when I don't already have to-do lists out the wazoo, though! haha

  3. You did so well on your fall list. Can't wait to see your winter adventures.

  4. Great job on your fall list. I want to go to Christmastown USA too!

  5. Christimastown USA? Can't wait to hear more (never heard of it)!! and to hear about Whole30 (don't know what that is).