Monday, January 20, 2014


Reading-- Sycamore Row.  I was so excited about the release of this book, but it has taken me forever to get into.  I'm almost halfway done and finally starting to get into the story.  Hopefully the last half picks up.
Excited For-- The Bachelor with my girls tonight!  This show is much more fun with friends around to laugh at all the craziness.
Loving-- The empty office and downtown today due to MLK day!  This is probably my favorite work day of the year-- it's a voluntary holiday for our office, so there's usually less than half of the staff here.  The phones don't ring, the court isn't open, and I'm able to get SO much done in peace!

Sad Over-- My beloved Patriots losing yesterday.  :(

Wanting-- Lush Bath Bombs-- they've been on my list since before Christmas.  I'm looking forward to my training in Chapel Hill at the end of February so that I can go to the Lush store in Raleigh!
Trying To-- Find a copy of Monuments Men to read before the movie comes out in a few weeks.  I'm so far down on the library queue that there's no way I'll get it before then.  And I really don't want to pay full price for it-- hopefully I can find a copy at the used book store.

Wishing-- Psych Season 7 would finally be released on Netflix so I can watch the new episodes of Season 8 that are currently airing right now.

Watching-- Justified.  To be more specific-- last season's Justified.  Since a season is so short (only 10 episodes), I like to record them until I get them all then watch.  The only problem is that I never got around to watching last season, and now there's a new season starting to air!  Oh well-- better late than never.
Looking Forward To-- Our trip to Texas!  It's officially set for February, and I'm so excited!!!


  1. Oh gosh I've been lusting over a lush bath too. I need to get into raleigh to stock up too!! I'm jealous of your bachelor viewing party!! I'm excited about this season!

  2. i love watching the bachelor too! such a guilty pleasure! And my hubby loves the pats so I was cheering for them too! Sorry they didn't win but at least they have won the superbowl... as a vikings fan I don't feel all the bad for you ;)


  3. Whenever I get a job that allows me to be off at night, my goal is to have a friends watching party for the bachelor because yes that would be fun. Since the pats lost, did you pick another team to root for?