Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Roses Everywhere.

I'm still on the fence about Juan Pablo.  Most people seem to love him with a capital L.  But he didn't wow me while he was on The Bachelorette.  But I am starting to come around a little more.  He really does seem like a super nice guy.  And he's not bad looking...

First date of the night went to Clare, who I think is super cute and sweet.  If only she would stop talking about her poor dad dying...  Regardless, Juan Pablo (aka, the Bachelor producers) built a winter wonderland for their date complete with sledding hills and an ice skating rink.  Girl didn't look all that coordinated in skates, which makes me like her even more.
After they're done being cold, what else is left but to go to the hot tub! (Our first date of the season, and already our first hot tub sighting.)  And really, what is a hot tub for but for making out?  She gets the rose.

Next up for her date is Kat!  And let me say as a sidebar that as one with the name Kathryn, that I find the nickname "Kat" probably my least favorite option.  There are a million ways to shorten the name Kathryn (or Kathleen or whatever her full name is) that isn't the misspelled name of an animal.  

Kat's date started off so well with a private jet ride to some unknown destination.  But then Juan Pablo appears with some hideous neon outfit for her to wear, and it all starts to go downhill.  Their date is literally a 5k.  Granted, with some music and dancing, but still-- a 5k!  
She takes the evening in stride and seems to genuinely enjoy herself.  Or else she's a great actress.  But I'd take a winter wonderland in LA plus a hot tub over a 5k any day. 
The last, but definitely not least, date of the week is the always cringe-worthy group date.  And this was no exception.  What started out as a cute concept-- a photo shoot with puppies for a charity-- turns out super awkward.  First the cute... 
 The weird...
And the unnecessary...
I won't show you the pornographic.  Yes, if you missed it, two of our "ladies" posed nude along with Juan Pablo for this event.  (I actually doubt they were truly naked but wearing some flesh-colored something...)  Regardless, Andi very much did not want to pose nude, but she let herself be talked into it by Juan Pablo, who claimed he would be naked too.  Of course, Lucy was all too happy to walk around in her birthday suit, seeing as how she hates clothes.

At the cocktail party later, poor Victoria had a little too much champagne and made a huge fool of herself in front of everyone, screaming at producers that she wanted to go home and then locking herself in the bathroom crying for the rest of the night.  Even Juan Pablo couldn't coax her out.  Shock of all shocks, she got the ax. 
And just like that, it's rose ceremony time! Amy "interviews" Juan Pablo during their time together, Sharleen actually apologized for being a world class b*tch to him when he gave her the first impression rose, and Cassandra had a mini-meltdown due to being separated from her son. Which JP loved, giving her the first rose of the night. The rest of the rose recipients are Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle, Lucy, Alli, Chelsie, Lauren, and Christy, most of whom I feel like I've never seen before. Leaving brokenhearted are Amy and Chantel, who I actually feel bad for since she was merely the token black girl of this season.

Who's your favorite so far??  No spoilers!

*Note:  All photos from wetpaint.com and abc.com**


  1. I always wonder what these girls think of themselves when they watch it back. My favorites so far are Nikki and Renee, which means they will probably be the two axes next because it's always the girl I dislike the most that the men seem to pick. Juan Pablo is growing on me. I really wanted Zak to be the Bachelor, but JP does seem like a genuinely nice guy.

  2. I want to go on that sledding hill...looks like big fun :)

  3. Victoria is such a baby!! I'm glad he said adios before the ceremony :)

  4. Im so glad Victoria was gone. She kind of reminded me of Courtney from Ben's season.