Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Finally Over.

Y'all.  I don't even know how to process this season of the Bachelor.  Juan Pablo is easily the worst bachelor in a long, long time so I didn't really care which one he picked.  But of course I had to watch to find out.  Clare dodged a bullet came in second.  I really did not like her all season long, but last night she started to get a brain when he said that infamous "inappropriate comment," then was swayed by his sexy accent and charm.  It couldn't have been his words because, once again, he didn't. say. anything.  The man is incapable of dealing with real issues and have a real conversation.  He just talks in circles until he hypnotizes people with a lot of nothing.  

Finally, when he told her he wasn't picking her, the spell was broken and she was done with his manipulation. Her reaction to him at the final rose ceremony was probably my second-favorite moment of the show.

Unfortunately, Nikki is still drinking the Kool-Aid.  Juan Pablo didn't propose since he wasn't "100% sure," but he gave her the final rose and said he wanted to keep dating her.  I actually didn't have a problem with this.  Why force a proposal when it's too early in your relationship?  In real life, most people aren't getting engaged after only eight weeks.  So, it didn't bother me that he only asked her to be his girlfriend.

What did bother me was his childish behavior during the After the Final Rose show. What's with trying to hide your feelings? Doesn't he understand that that only makes people want to know more? The way to get people/media off your back isn't to tell them that you have a secret that you won't tell. And what kind of moron becomes the Bachelor and thinks that he can escape the media when he's done? A dumb one. Thank you Sharleen for expressing what we were all feeling...

And seriously, what's with Nikki?? How is she okay with this kind of manipulative, controlling boyfriend??  I was actually surprised that they were still together by the After the Final Rose show.  

The one good thing that did happen last night is that Andi is going to be our new Bachelorette!!  I have a little soft spot for Andi since she's a lawyer like me.  She even went to the same law school I did (even though she was several years behind me)!  Plus, she gave Juan Pablo the talking-to that he deserved.  I'm looking forward to watching her season!

What did y'all think??


  1. How you put it--that he talks in circles until he hypnotizes people is an absolutely perfect analysis. I was pissed last night, I'm not going to lie. I am a busy person. I do NOT spend 2 hours a day watching TV--I just don't. Well--unless I'm sick and I'm binge watching Netflix--but that's neither here nor there. Every Monday night, there I am, wine glass in hand--committed to this thing called Bachelor Nation. And it absolutely PISSED ME OFF that he SIGNED UP for the show--there were millions of people forking over two hours every week (sometimes 4) to follow along with this thing HE SIGNED UP FOR--and we got nothing. NOTHING. I don't have a problem with him not proposing--I think that was ONE thing that was admirable--however, the way he said it to Nikki made me give the Sharleen face to the tv--"I'm not going to use it because I'm not 100% sure I want to propose to you." Okay. There are other ways to put that, jerk. I think he got himself in trouble with the media for his gay comment and is running scared now. As for Andi--I love that she's the new bachelorette. But homegirl has GOT to get rid of that nasty ombre' before the show airs, for the love of all that is holy!

  2. I agree that ending the show with just starting a relationship is fine. Acceptable. I think I'd almost prefer that than the engagement, which always feels a bit forced and too soon. But I guess most viewers want that fairy tale.

    Juan Pablo WAS the worst bachelor yet. And that's saying something after Ben (who I thought was a tool), Jake (who I thought was a jerk), and the bartender (who I thought was a complete player). But at least they kept my attention the entire season. JP did not.

    I'm anxious for Andi's season. I hope she's a little more interesting than Desiree though.

  3. I was originally SO excited for him to be the Bachelor because it was something fresh...a man with an accent. The Spanish teacher in me loved it. But as the season rolled on, I felt like all he wanted to do was suck face with people on the one-on-one dates and never REALLY got to know them. Even when he went to Clare's room after their last one-on-one in St.Lucia and he is like "Aren't you going to give me a besito?" It is as if the whole thing revolved around him and he was there to get his rise to stardom. BARF.

    I am so excited for Andi's season. I think it'll be interesting to see after her confrontation with JP!

  4. I'm sooo glad its over too! Seriously he's full of himself and I'm shocked Nikki is still with him. You could tell she had no valid excuses on why he acted the way he did, why he hasn't said I love you is the biggest with me. He may not be 100% ready to get married, that I get but you can say those 3 words whenever.

    JP needs to realize that his life isn't private anymore. What's he going to do if they do get married and Nikki wants it on TV, fully paid for? HAHAHA!

  5. I have to admit this is the first season I've watched in years! I think I picked the wrong one to come back to, lol. I always enjoyed reading your recaps though, so I thought I'd give it a try. I couldn't stand Juan Pablo, and didn't care much for Clare or Nikki. Hoping Andi's season is better! :)