Monday, March 31, 2014

Katie Lately.

* This weekend was a great one! We spent Friday night with some friends and ended up being out much longer than we anticipated, but it's hard to go home when you're having such a great time! Saturday was a totally lazy day for me. It was rainy and yucky, so I read and finished Me Before You, which wasn't my favorite book. We spent Saturday night in true married people fashion-- playing card games at home. It was great.  :)
* Sunday, we went to the NASCAR race in Martinsville with my parents. Holy wow-- it was SO cold and SO windy (it snowed and sleeted on our drive there). Thank goodness that my mother brought some extra blankets for us to use. The race was a great one, but I was so glad to get back in the warmth of our car!
* Tonight is the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.  On one hand, I'm so sad.  I've loved this show for years and am sad that it'll be over.  On the other hand, it's had a long run, and the magic is gone a little bit.  It's time for Ted and the Mother (do we know her name??) to ride off into the sunset.
*  I've been reading in spurts this year.  Some weeks, I'm not reading at all.  Then other weeks, like this past week, I'll read 4 books.  I love weeks like that where I get in a good rhythm with some really great books.  One of my favorites from last week is Sarah Addison Allen's Lost Lake.  This book was fantastic.  A full review will be coming soon!
* One other thing I can't believe I haven't blogged about yet are these delicious treats I made for our Bible Fellowship game night the other weekend.  They were all huge hits, so hopefully I'll get these recipes up this week!


  1. 1) Those treats look AWESOME!
    2) We can't wait for the series finale of HIMYM either though we probably won't be able to watch it for several days from now. Here's to hoping we can avoid seeing spoilers :)
    3) Looks like you had a great weekend! Full of both relaxation and social time- sounds perfect :)

  2. Isn't NASCAR great in person? I just love the adrenaline rush - I'm hoping to go in October to the one at Kansas for my birthday.

    I've also been in spurts with reading lately, just depends on life!

  3. All of those sweets look DELISH! And I'm totally mourning over the end of HIMYM. I can't believe we still don't know the mother's name yet! And yeah, I agree, this season has been a little lackluster but I'm too attached to let it go just yet. I can guarantee there will be tears!

  4. I'm in a really weird reading funk as well. I hate when I'm in those moods! Maybe we'll both get over that issue soon :).

  5. I love Skip Bo!! And those snacks look awesome!