Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Revisiting the Past.

Last week, I spent Wednesday through Friday in Chapel Hill at the UNC School of Government for a continuing legal education seminar.  It was probably the best CLE I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot (we have to have 12 hours of CLE each year).  I learned a lot that I'll actually be able to use!  

But more than that, I was so excited to be back in a place that I love.  I only lived in Chapel Hill/Durham for three years, but it feels like home to me.  That was the place where I grew up, where I became the person I am today, and where I really deepened my relationship with Christ.  I really can't begin to describe how important that Chapel Hill is to me.  No matter how it changes from one visit back to the next, going back there always feels like I'm going home.  

Speaking of things that change, there was a new (to me) burger place off of Franklin Street-- Buns.  And since I had a little time before things started on Wednesday afternoon, I decided to stop.  It wasn't a Bad Daddy's burger, but it was still really yummy!  It had my favorite kind of fries, so I was a happy girl.
After we got done on Wednesday, I went to Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh because it's the ONLY place in North Carolina that has a Lush store!  I did exercise a little restraint-- I only bought four bath bombs even though I wanted to buy everything in the store... 
And I picked up takeout from Carino's, which is my favorite restaurant ever.  Again-- the only one in NC is in Raleigh!   
Then I settled in for the evening to watch UNC beat NC State in overtime and read Allegiant.  It was a lovely evening!
Thursday, I did another tour of my old stomping grounds and picked up Chinese food from the place my old roommate and I went to all the time.  But either they've started using some crazy peppers or I'm getting old because I never remember my mouth burning like that before!

By Friday, I was ready to come home.  I missed my husband, I missed my bed, and I missed being in my own space.  As I left the conference, I drove through the campus and reminisced a little.  It's nice to go back to visit Chapel Hill, but I realize that I've grown out of that place.  As hard as it is to imagine, it's been nine years since I graduated college. NINE, y'all. I'm not that 18 year old girl who lives in the beautiful little college bubble anymore.  Sometimes I miss her, and I miss the bubble.  But, we grow up.  And growing up is wonderful.  It's just nice to revisit the old days every now and then.  :)

"But sometime when the springtime comes and the sifting moonlight falls, 
they'll think again of this night here and of these old brown walls, 
of white Old Well and of Old South. With Bell's deep booming tone, 
they'll think again of Chapel Hill, and -- thinking -- come back home."
-Thomas Wolfe, UNC class of 1920


  1. I love this post - how you recognize you have changed, but it's still fun to visit. Yes!! And the fries look awesome.

  2. 15 years since I graduated college. GASP!!!! I can't believe that is even possible. So nice to go back and visit but I agree that I don't always feel like I "fit" anymore. Life changes so much and each stage is so different.

    Oh and CEU courses area pain. I need 30 every 2 years and so many are expensive and terrible!! I've gone to a few good ones recently tho.