Tuesday, April 1, 2014

15 Things I Hate More than April Fools Day.

Thank you Sarah for today's blog post inspiration!  I too hate hate hate April Fool's Day.  Fortunately no one in my current circle of folks is big on the day either, but there were times in my life that it was a big deal.  But I hate pranks and being pranked and basically being made to look like a fool.  Making me think you're pregnant or have cancer or are quitting your job-- Haha ha ha.  NO.  Let's use our brains and actually be clever to be funny.

But there are a few other things that get under my skin as much or more than April Fool's Day:

1.  Washing dishes.

2.  Also, having a sink full of dirty dishes.  It's quite the conundrum...

3.  Getting stuck in traffic.
4.  Bugs.

5.  The DirecTV iPhone app.  And the fact that it doesn't always tell my DVR to record what I want it to.

6.  The hump day camel commercials.  No no no no no.
7.  The Boston Red Sox and Duke Blue Devils.  (Sorry, Jodi!  :))
All of America knows that Dook sucks.
8.  Having to actually walk into an establishment to pick up my takeout.  Get a drive-thru, people.

9.  Buying books at full-price.  Between amazon, used book stores, and the library, why would I ever do this??
Free books!
10.  Country music.  I'm sorry, but most of it sounds like cats fighting.

11.  Blogs that are full of sponsored posts and self-promotion with no content.

12.  Reality television.  Except Chrisley Knows Best-- that s#!t is funny.
13.  Telephone solicitors who want to chit chat.  Yes it's nice weather.  No, I'm not giving you money.

14.  Vampires.  Books about vampires, tv shows about vampires, movies about vampires...

15.  The HIMYM finale.  Okay, maybe I don't hate it as much as April Fool's Day.  But I couldn't very well post today without addressing it.  And if you haven't watched it yet, don't read any further.  I had an inkling that the Mother would be dead-- it makes sense that that is why Ted is telling his kids this forever-long story.  But to break up Barney and Robin after all that build up and then have Ted and Robin get back together after all that time??  So lame.  I never liked Ted and Robin together, and I was so annoyed that that is how they ended it.  Although now that I've had some time to reflect, I can kind of see it.  He got to have the family and kids that he wanted; she got to travel the world like she wanted.  Now they can be together.  But I hate that they had to go through a wedding and divorce with Barney to get there.  But my absolute favorite moment of the finale was when Barney met his daughter.  So many tears.  Big, fat crocodile tears.
Thoughts on the HIMYM finale?  Do you hate or love April Fool's Day?


  1. Yeah I can't do country music or vampires either. Most people say this means I don't belong in Oklahoma, and I'm a scaredy-cat.

  2. Nooo don't say that about the DirecTV app! It has always worked for me so now I will be paranoid! I also hate the hump day commercials - so glad that trend is mostly over!

  3. I had heard a rumor that the mom was dead but then everyone was saying no, even the cast. And of course the rumor was true. I'm not a fan of how the wedding dragged on an entire season but it is what it is

  4. I totally agree about despising April Fools Day... I hate pranks! I agree with many of the other things and I, too, had mixed feelings about the HIMYM finale. That ending made more sense in season 3, but after spending all that time focusing on Barney & Robin, it felt like a cop out.

  5. I totally agree with you on the HIMYM finale. I sort of feel like this entire season was a big fat waste of time now. Oh, ya and Barney with his little girl. So many tears.

  6. #11--YES. I hate blogs like that!!!!

    #14--girl, you're reading my mind.

    #15--I didn't watch this season at all but I know what happens and I have just heard horrible things about it. But that picture of Barney makes my heart melt!! What I wonder is if all of them are still friends--does Barney still hang out with them all now or is he on his own? Hmm....spinoff that includes the kids?! No.