Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Have the Travel Bug.

It's already April, and we don't have a vacation planned for this year.  We are planning a long trip to Texas over Thanksgiving, so we probably won't have another big trip in 2014.  We'll probably do a long weekend at the beach or something close by for Labor Day, but that's all.  Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not already thinking about possibilities for NEXT year!

I'm DYING to go to Disney World.  I haven't been since the fifth grade, and Donny has never been.  It looks so, so fun!!
I've also been wanting to go back to Boston, which is quite possibly my favorite city (after Chapel Hill, of course). Donny has only been for work and not gotten to do the touristy stuff, but I know he'd love the history and beauty of the city.  And we could see Jodi!
Then again, I'm never going to turn down a tropical, relaxing vacation.  This option is probably the least enticing to Donny, as he gets bored just sitting by the ocean, which I do not understand AT ALL.  What's not to love about a week at the beach with a book in your lap and a pineapple daiquiri in your hand??
And finally, the Yankees have been in their new stadium for five years now, and I've yet to go.  That's far too long and needs to be rectified very soon!

Any other ideas for me??


  1. That beach/resort looks MIGHTY nice....just got back from Sandals in Antigua and it was AMAZINGLY awesome!

  2. You should totally do Disney - and not sure if you plan on having kids or not, but I would totally go just the two of you. Its just as much fun for adults as it is kiddos, we love our honeymoon there.

    I have the itch to travel also. We're supposed to go to the lake in May for a weekend (if my new manager doesn't mess it up), then our all in clusive again in July. We'll also probably go to Chicago or Nashville for hockey this fall too. I just love doing stuff that's not my norm in STL.

  3. You know Im all about the relaxing beach vacation!! Luckily John likes those too so that's our go-to vacay!
    John hated Disney. I went twice when I was younger and remembered it being this amazing place, but I was kind of disappointed going as an adult. But we will for sure go back when we have kids and they're old enough to remember it!
    Do you like cruises?? You could get your beach fill and Donny would have something to do!

  4. I really want to do a girls weekend in Disney. One of my friends did it and her blog posts sounded so fun! So if Donny doesn't want to go let me know and I'll go w/ you and we'll make Rachel come too! Of course yes to Boston. I wish I had a huge place so you guys could stay w/ me and save money. You know I will be your tour guide when you do come. And if you go to a Yankees/Red Sox game in NY I will meet you there. I've never been to Yankees Stadium and would love to go. I love NYC. My short list has Nashville and Seattle/Portland. For outside of US I would love to go to Holland during tulip season and an African safari!!! My list of travel is always very long. It is where most of my money goes after bills and I don't mind one bit!

  5. I totally love all these vacation options! I am totally partial to a Disney vacation. I am hoping to go to WDW in 2015. Although, Boston and NY are pretty high up the list too.