Monday, April 14, 2014

Single Girl's Weekend.

Last Friday, Donny flew off to Texas to spend a weekend with the Texas Rangers while I stayed here in NC.  I had big plans for lots of alone time to read, watch the Yankees/Red Sox series, clean, and have a girls' night with our Bible Fellowship ladies.  I know it sounds kind of lame, but it was great!  For an introvert like me, having a weekend to myself really recharged my batteries.  I feel great today, and I'm SO very ready to see Donny tonight!  I missed him so much.  

On Friday, I walked into my office to find these beautiful flowers from Donny!  He's so very thoughtful and knew that I would miss him so had these delivered to work.  They arrived as buds...
... but by Sunday, they looked like this! GORGEOUS!
Friday, I spent the evening cleaning, giving myself a pedicure and DIY facial mask, watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox, and reading The Hundred-Foot Journey.  I really wanted to finish the book on Friday, but I just couldn't stay awake any longer to read it.  
I also stayed up to watch the end of the Rangers game, which went into 12 innings.  It was such déjà vu from the days when Donny lived in Texas and went to Rangers games and I'd stay up until they were over waiting for him to call me.  Boy am I glad those days are long gone...  

Saturday, I had lunch plans with my friend Katie that turned into breakfast plans at Cracker Barrel!  What a delicious morning...
And then after breakfast, her car won't start.  Fortunately, we are two capable women, so we have two sets of jumper cables.  However, he car is parked between other cars, and our jumper cables are not 30 feet long.  So, we have to push her car out into the middle of the parking lot to get mine close enough to jump it. Thankfully, another woman came out to help us, and we were able to get her going without much further fuss.  Then we went to see Divergent, which was SO good!
I spent the rest of the afternoon getting the house ready for ladies' night for our Bible Fellowship class and making buffalo chicken dip.  Yum.  We had a pretty small crowd, but it was really great to spend time getting to know some of the women in our class that I don't know very well.

Sunday was both a relaxing and productive day.  I did loads and loads of laundry, finished all the cleaning that I had planned for the weekend, and just chilled.
I started Beautiful Ruins, reading more than half of it yesterday.  But I'm really just ready for this book to end-- I don't love it at all.  Maybe the ending will be great, and I'll love it, so I'll reserve judgment until it's over.
I finished the weekend watching the Yankees win their third out of four games against the Red Sox.  It was a pretty exciting game-- home runs hit, great catches made, sadly players getting hurt, and then John Farrell (the Red Sox manager) getting thrown out of the game.  Fun times!
All in all, a pretty great weekend.  But after all my alone time, I'm so ready to see my husband!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!
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  1. I do not think this sounds lame at all. If I'm ever in a relationship, I think I'll need weekends like this too.

  2. I can so relate to just wanting 'him' home. A little alone time is nice but the minute he leaves, I a miss him and can't wait until he gets home. It's crazy really. Anyway, I am glad you had a good time relaxing and hope Donny had fun at the Ballpark.