Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bachelorette is Back!

I'm pretty excited for Andi's season of The Bachelorette!  I'm just hoping that she doesn't fall victim to the curse of being one that I love as a contestant but who becomes totally annoying to me as the Bachelor(ette)...
The guys that the show gathered for Andi actually seemed to be a pretty decent group!  (Far better than Des's group...)  There were, of course, some weirdos right off the bat.  Like Dr. Jason who told her that his special power was diagnosing people just by sight-- "I think you have a fever because you look pretty hot."  Boy, aren't you clever... 
Let's also talk about Brett, who seemed very gay to me.  And it wasn't just the fact that he's a hairdresser, but his mannerisms and speech.  Was I the only one?  And who steals a lamp from their hotel as a gift?
The guy who really impressed me was Marquel. A cookie tasting?? Oh yes, please.
I did respect that Andi didn't let Chris Bukowski (formerly known as "Angry Chris" from Emily's season) come to the party.  She was absolutely right that it wasn't fair.  He could have applied or gone through the producers just like everyone else in the beginning, but he didn't.  Adios, Angry Chris.

Pretty soon, it's time for Andi to send some poor souls to the curb.  Among those getting the axe are all three of the long-haired fellas (seriously-- get a haircut) and "Anal with an M" Emel.  
All in all, it was a solid beginning to what promises to be the most dramatic season ever!

Did y'all have any favorites from the night?  No spoilers please!


  1. I was shocked that Chris came, and was SO insistent on meeting her. I've never been a fan of that kid, on Emily's season or Bachelor Pad. He seems like he thinks he's the sh*t.
    He owns a bar around our area and I've met him--he wasn't a total tool then but I also only met him for like a minute (and I told him how the ladies bathrooms needed hooks on the doors for purses lol)

  2. Gosh that Dr. Jason guy was SUCH a weirdo! The lamp thing threw me, too. I told my husband I want a cookie tasting for my birthday this year :-D

  3. I haven't watched yet but need to. I really like Andi and I think she is much more real then some of the others they have had. I hope she doesn't let us down!

  4. Did you hear that Chris Bukowski tried to get on Andi's season?


    I'm excited for her too, and interested in seeing how they handle the one's death.

  5. Hands down, a Basketball Coach Brian fan. I LOVE him.