Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap.

I can't believe it's already Monday. Boy did this weekend fly by!  Friday, I cut out of work early and went to the gym to do the WOD on my own.  I definitely like going to the class better than doing the WOD by myself.  I get so much more out of it and push myself harder in the Crossfit box with the coaches than I do when it's just me.  But I did it!  It was harder than it looked, but I made it through and then came home to relax.
Friday night we had dinner with my parents then went to see Million Dollar Arm, which was so good!  It was better than I had anticipated-- funny and sweet and tender with a happy ending.  I loved it.
I was also presented with this pillow that Donny had made for me!  He had bought it to save for Christmas but couldn't wait that long.  It cracks me up, and I love it so much!  (It's also fantastically fluffy and great for napping.)
Saturday, I tried so hard to finish Inferno.  But it was so slow and so tedious-- definitely my least favorite of all the books in the Robert Langdon series.  I didn't end up finishing it until this morning.
I did get to watch the Yankees beat the Pirates, which was a nice turn around from the slump that they had been in.
Saturday night, we had a barbecue get together with our Bible Fellowship class.  I honestly wasn't very excited about going out and being social that night, but we ended up having a great time.
Sunday, we went to church, came home to relaxing naps, and then I worked on my book while Donny went to see Neighbors.  He said it was funny but didn't seem to love it very much.  I watched some of the Billboard Music Awards and realized that I'm old.  I didn't know half of the people that performed or presented or won awards.  A few other thoughts...
Katy Perry's show looked like the inside of Lisa Frank's imagination.
John Legend is amazing.
Michael Jackson is dead-- why is his hologram at the BBMAs?
I didn't stick around to watch much more (I had had enough when Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood started to perform) because it was getting late and already past my bedtime.  Speaking of which...
While I'm so excited for a new season of the Bachelorette, I'm very disappointed that the premiere doesn't start until 9:30pm!  So much for our premiere party tonight.  Can't wait for this season though!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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  1. Im glad that Million Dollar Arm was good. I'd like to see that one, either in theaters or once it's out.
    The premiere of Bachelorette doesnt start til 930??? what the....don't these people know I'm old and have a bedtime?? Lame!
    Thanks for the warning about Inferno. I'll probably stay away from that one

  2. I do want to see 'Million Dollar Arm', so maybe that will be my next movie! You are doing SO good with your workouts!!! Doing "class stuff" is harder when you're on your own for sure. I always love going to a class because it really pushes me to keep going so I don't look like a weakling and stop in the middle of something, lol.

  3. Bachelorette starts at 9:30 p.m. I'm guessing that's Eastern time. Which would be 8:30 here. Fine by me as I work until 8:15, I should be home in time. But ... it's also strange it starts that late. Wonder what's up with that.

  4. THAT PILLOW. Perfection and me to a T, as much as I want it not to be. But really, sometimes you just have to share other people's ridiculousness with a friend...

  5. That pillow is great! Love it!! I am surprised to hear that Dan Brown's book was slow and not as good as others. That is too bad.