Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Social by Three.

Happy Sunday, y'all!  As I mentioned the other week, I'm trying to get back in my blogging groove.  And there's nothing like a good linkup to help get back on track.  So I'm linking up with Ashley and Neely this weekend for Sunday social!
Social Sunday
1. Three favorite songs right now.
I don't keep up too much with current music, and I tend to get obsessed with songs when
I like them until I kill them by over-listening.  Three currently being overplayed on
my Spotify station are Bastille by Pompeii, Made to Love by John Legend, and
Feet, Don't Fail Me Now by Needtobreathe

2. Three movies that remind you of summer.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Weekend at Bernie's, and The Sandlot.  
(And now I want to watch all three of these movies that I haven't watched in forever...)
3. Three favorite articles of clothing you own.
This question is hard-- not just to whittle it down from the many things in my closet I love, 
but also to find good pictures of them!  The first item is this maxi dress from Old Navy.  It's my 
go-to for a dressy casual outfit.  I've worn it for church, brunches, and outdoor weddings this summer.
Second is my purple scarf.  I wear this ALL THE TIME in the fall/winter.  
It's so soft and really gives a great pop of color with all of my dark colored clothing.
And lastly, my Yankee pajamas that Donny gave me for Christmas a two years ago.  I love them!
Snowflakes and Yankees?  Two of my favorite things!
4. Three items on your wish list.
The Complete Series of JAG-- I loooove this show.  I know I've seen every episode a dozen times.  
But it's been years since I've watched it, and it's not available online.  So I need to own the DVDs!
A Vitamix-- because my kitchen isn't crowded enough with small appliances.
Maid service-- I really should've made this #1.  I need someone else 
to come clean my house on a routine basis.
5. Three books you would recommend to someone.
Well this was almost impossible to narrow down to three.  11/22/63 is always at the 
top of my list though.  It's an amazing story, and everyone should read it.  The Shadow of 
the Wind is such unique story and so, so great.  And of course, The Lincoln Laywer.  
Thanks to this book, I fell in love with Michael Connelly, who is probably my current 
favorite author.  This isn't my favorite of his books (he gets even better), but definitely
where I'd recommend anyone start who hasn't read him yet.


  1. I NEED a maid. I hate cleaning and don't have time to do it anyways. Haha!!! I have a magic bullet which is small and doesn't take up much room. It works great for smoothies!

  2. I totally agree with Sisterhood of the traveling pants! I had that on my list and plan on watching it soon. And I totally need a maid too!! Specifically for my bedroom.

  3. Maid! Check and CHECK haha Its amazing how dirty a lil one bedroom apartment can get! :)

    Happy Sunday!

  4. I'm with you on the purple scarf! That's my favorite color :)