Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthdays are the Greatest Days.

Today is Donny's birthday! I won't share how old he is except to say that he's still younger than me...
He drives me crazy sometimes, but I love him. No one makes me smile bigger.
He puts up with me and my crazy and even loves it sometimes.
He washes my dishes and gets me breakfast. He has more baseball caps and knows more random facts about baseball than than any human being ever. 
His brain is constantly going, and he's always imagining new things to create and build.  He can barely sit still ever unless he's engrossed in a book.
We make each other giggle all the time.  Sometimes only with just a look because we just know without speaking what the other is thinking.
He's committed to Jesus and therefore to me, and I feel completely safe putting my heart and my life in his hands. 
Happy birthday, Donny!  Hope it's the best one yet.  :)


  1. Happy birthday Donny!! Hope it's great!

  2. You're the best. Thanks!! I love you, too.

  3. Happy birthday to your man! Hope you all had a great time celebrating!!

  4. I love this special way you said happy birthday to your husband. And that he reads your blog (read that he thinks your a failing blogger now, but I am too, no posts since May 30!). My favorite is that since he's a Christian you know you are safe with him. Love it. Now that I'm out of China I'm catching up on blog posts, so I'm enjoying all your old ones (Sept, Aug. and July).