Monday, September 22, 2014

A Winey Weekend.

Friday, I surprised Donny by taking him to the Old North State Winery in Mt. Airy, NC. I do not generally drink wine, but he loves it. So I'm not really one for going to a wine tasting. But knowing that he really wanted to go to one and trying to be a better, more thoughtful wife, I found a good one for a little adventure!
We were not the only people in the place, but it was close.  One cool thing that they did is let you choose from their wines-- you could either taste the dry and semi-dry ones, the sweet and semi-sweet wines, or all of the above.  Donny chose the dry wines (duh), and I chose the sweet ones even though I wasn't even plan on having any.  
It was actually a ton of fun, and I even found a few that I liked!  Y'all-- I even BOUGHT two bottles! Who am I??  After the wine tasting, we wandered around the town of Mount Airy for a while-- it's a cute little downtown with a bunch of shops, but it didn't take us too long to finish the tour.  

So we made our way home where I tried in vain to finish Dawson's Creek before Netflix took it off their site on Saturday.  I made it to episode 10 of the final season before I couldn't stay awake any longer.

Saturday morning, we were awake before the sun to head to Greensboro where Donny was running in a 5k.  Being the dutiful and loving wife that I am, I went with him to take pictures.  Like these...
We did get some free Chick-fil-A out of it too!  And while we were in Greensboro, we stopped by the big used book store, where I found season six of Dawson's Creek for only $9!  And then I promptly came home and take a nap.  Haha.

One of my favorite things in the world are Saturday pancakes.  They've become a serious tradition in our house.  Since we were up and gone super early, I didn't get to make them for breakfast.  So, it was breakfast for lunch instead!
I finished Miracle Cure, which was Harlan Coben's first published book.  It was pretty interesting but definitely not my favorite of his, which I suppose isn't surprising since it was his first book.  I also started The Firm by John Grisham. 
As I was about to start making dinner, my co-worker Amanda called because they were stranded due to a flat tire that meant their car would have to be towed to a mechanic (no spare, unusual sized tire = stuck on the side of the road).  So, Donny and I went to take her to her home in Lexington while her husband waited for the tow truck to come and for her to return with their other vehicle.  And since we were there, we went and ate at my favorite BBQ place as a kid.  (Definitely NOT Whole30 approved food, but delicious nonetheless.)

Sunday was pretty uneventful-- lots of reading and football.  I made some food for the week, including my current favorite lunch-- egg drop soup.  SO good!

How was your weekend?