Monday, September 1, 2014

I Love This Holiday.

Every year, I'm excited for Labor Day.  It's my favorite holiday other than Christmas.  I know it's rather unusual, but Labor Day brings so much excitement!  First of all, it signals the end of summer and beginning of fall.  Since I'm not in school, I'm not that sad about summer ending.  Fall is the best season, and Labor Day means that it's finally arrived!

I know it's pretty cliche now, but I flipping love the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  They finally roll back into Starbucks stores on Labor Day weekend (although this year, they debuted a week early...).
Labor Day weekend is also the first college football Saturday, which is one of the happiest events of the fall. 
The last tennis major of the year, and usually one of the most exciting, also surrounds Labor Day weekend.  The US Open is always two weeks of fantastic tennis and a great show.
This year, sadly, Labor Day is also the last day that the pool is open.  So, you can find me here today soaking up my last few minutes of summer before fall starts in full swing.
Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day!