Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Anniversary Celebration.

Two weekends ago, Donny and I celebrated our second anniversary!  Since our anniversary was on a Monday, we celebrated the Saturday before.  First up, we exchanged gifts.  Year two traditional gifts are cotton, which was kind of difficult.  Not nearly as easy to be creative with cotton than it was with paper.  So, I just made cotton a small piece of my gift to Donny.  I made a box of some of his favorite things!
2 Years of Marriage = 2 CDs
24 Months = The exact amount of 24 of his favorite wings on a gift card
104 Weeks = 104 Skittles (his favorite candy)
730 Days = 730mL (really, 750mL) of Cabernet Sauvignon (his favorite wine)
And a Cleveland Browns t-shirt for the cotton requirement!

Donny was pretty stoked about his gift, and I loved how it turned out!  Pinterest to the rescue again!  :)  He got me a book I've been wanting and a New England Patriots shirt (cotton, duh) and made me this awesome shadowbox!  It's a seat from the old Yankee Stadium, and the picture of Derek Jeter is on a sheet of metal all put together by my husband's loving hands.  I was SO impressed by it!!  It's incredible.
After we exchanged gifts, we headed to Chateau Morrisette in the foothills of Virginia for an afternoon of wine tasting and dinner at their restaurant.  We had a fantastic time (even though this place was out in the middle of nowhere and took forever to get to and get home)!
Cheers to another great year together!