Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Road Trip, Part 2.

Sunday morning, we woke up in San Antonio.  Despite the deluge the night before, Sunday was beautifully sunny and warm!
The birds were singing, and the ducks were playing.  Including a mama and her ducklings!  The river had all sorts of debris from the storm the night before, but the ducks didn't seem to care.
This poor duck cracked me up with the way he was sleeping with his beak to the ground...
Our first stop of the morning was the Alamo.  From there, we got on a trolley that took us on a tour of the city.
From there, we went to Hemisfair Park, site of the 1968 World's Fair.
Also at Hemisfair Park is the Tower of the Americas...
(not my picture-- found on google)
I don't know why, but I agreed to go up the glass elevator to the top of this tower.  Where I proceeded to hug the interior wall and threaten to throw my husband over the edge if he continued to pry my away from my safe wall...
I must admit that it was a cool view.
I finally made it back down to the ground, safe and sound.  And since we were in the middle of Hemisfair Park, there were some beautiful grounds-- fountains and waterfalls and pools and palm trees...  It was just gorgeous.
From Hemisfair Park, we took the trolley through town to Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion.
We made a stop at the Guenther House and then took the trolley to Market Square, where we had lunch at Mi Tierra.  This was probably one of my favorite meals of the whole trip.  Mi Tierra serves authentic Mexican food in a HUGE space in the Market Square.  They have multiple dining rooms, so they seat several hundred people at a time.  And at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, there was still a wait to get a table.  But the place is gorgeous!  Each room is decorated differently, but they were all done up for Christmas.
If you go to San Antonio, you absolutely have to eat here!

After lunch, we walked through the Spanish Governor's Mansion and the San Fernando Cathedral, making our way to the Rivercenter Mall, which is literally a mall on the banks of the Riverwalk.  You can take a boat ride to get to the mall.  So neat.  We hopped on a riverboat from the mall and took it all around the Riverwalk.
Then we went back up to the Alamo, this time actually going through it.  I was pretty surprised at how small it was!  It didn't take us but a few minutes to walk through it and be done.
After one last walk through the Riverwalk, we made it back to the hotel where I collapsed on the bed of exhaustion.
My rest was temporary because quickly it was time for us to leave for dinner at Texas de Brazil!
It was delicious, as usual.  We walked out full of delicious steak and made it back to the hotel in time to watch the second half of the Cowboys game.  Well, one of us watched the Cowboys.  The other one fell asleep...

Monday morning, we were up at 6am to hit the road again.  First stop, Taco Cabana!!  My breakfast tacos were delicious.  :)
Planning this trip, I knew we'd be driving by Austin, so I wanted to do two things: Take a picture of the "I love you so much" wall and see the Longhorns stadium.  That was all.  We ended up in Austin for almost two hours...

We got off the highway and found Joe's Coffee so we could get a picture with the wall.
Then we drove downtown to get to UT.  The capitol building was beautiful!
And then quickly we were at UT...
Driving through the campus, we passed signs for the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum.  Donny said that we had some time, so we decided to go in!  
It was surprisingly awesome.  There were some really neat exhibits in there, and it was a lot of fun.
Then it was time to hit the road again.  From Austin, we traveled through the middle of nowhere to get to Donny's dad's place, where we spent a while with them having lunch and hanging out.  Then we finally made it to our hotel, where we checked in, got ready, and headed back out to have dinner with friends Anna and Brock and their kids.  We also got a quick visit in with Donny's sister, Kristi, before crashing at the hotel.  

Once we finally got our stuff into the hotel, I was so excited to unpack all of my things and live out of a dresser and closet instead of a suitcase and toiletry bag for a while!

Coming up next-- the G. W. Bush Museum in Dallas and Thanksgiving!!