Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Rewind.

Happy New Year!  A new year is always bittersweet-- I had to see the old year end, but I do love the fresh start that a new year brings!  But first, I'm going to reflect on the end of 2014.


This month was not the best month for books even though I did read 11 books in December.  Several of them were good, but nothing really stood out to me as fantastic.  Except, of course, the Bible, which I finished yesterday!  A Wreath of Snow and Gray Mountain were at the top of the pile this month.

Obviously, I listened to a lot of Christmas music this month, so those are on this list.  The other two non-Christmas songs were some of my favorites of 2014.  I couldn't stop singing them!

Love Runs Out by One Republic

Take Me to Church by Hozier

Jesus Born on This Day by Avalon

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns

Ring the Bells by Travis Cottrell and Natalie Grant
All Creation Sing by Fee

1.  I finished 100 books this year!  I can hardly believe that I did it.  I really had to push myself to read 11 books in December to get it done, but I'm glad I did. I also finished the Bible yesterday to complete reading it in one year.  I feel so accomplished for getting it done.  I've started to read it in a year several times before and never finished it, but I actually did this year!
2.  My brother moved to Los Angeles.  We all had a farewell dinner, and it was a great time.  He and his wife Morgan seem to be settling in well, but they were definitely missed at Christmas this year!
3.  I was very crafty this month!  I made an advent calendar for our house and a food passport for Donny for Christmas.  I hope to blog about them more later this month with better pictures.
4.  Our Christmas was wonderful-- full of family, laughter, and presents!  And I had a fantastic birthday celebration with some great friends.
5.  I dropped my DSLR camera on Christmas night and apparently damaged it.  Now I have to ship it to Nikon since there's not a place locally that will repair it.  Sadly, I don't think it will be cheap.  Plus I will have to live without my camera for a while.  :(

6.  I read Michelle Knight's memoir this week, and it's stuck with me.  Her ordeal was so horrifying and traumatizing.  I can't imagine living that way for SO long.

7.  I tried a lot of new beauty products this month that I'm loving!  The Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders set plus my the clarisonic have been amazing for my skin!
8.  We spent New Year's Eve at my parent's house hanging out and watching What About Bob.  It was a fun, laid-back night.  Perfect for us.  
Our last picture of 2014!

1. Clarisonic Mia-- a total game changer in skincare.
2. Coach Poppy Blossom-- I wear it every day and can't stop sniffing my wrists!
3. New Girl-- I've been watching it since it first aired, but recently I started it again from the beginning on Netflix.  It's so much funnier the second time through than I remember!

1. No more pressure to read!  After having to read 10+ books the last few months to meet my goal, I'm ready for a little break from the pressure of reading.

2. I'm doing another Whole30 this January.  I did two last year (the second less successful than the first due to my own   I'm looking to cleaning up my eating and to the feeling of wellness that I know will come from it.

3. Downton Abbey starts again this Sunday!!  I've been re-watching the previous four seasons on DVD so I can catch up, and I've been reminded how much I love this show.

4.  I'm getting the itch to re-design my blog.  A new year, a new look.  I'm looking forward to having some time to change things up a bit.  Of course, I need to find some inspiration!


  1. I LOVE how Donny is reping the Rangers in these photos! That a boy!!!

  2. Way to go on the reading challenge! I totally didn't make mine. I am going to a little harder this year. I just wasn't as motivated in the last half of the year as I usually am to read. I am doing the whole 30 for the third time this month too. Totally looking forward to all the health benefits. Oh, your advent calendar is so cute. Hope it doesn't take too long or too much money to get your camera back!

  3. Holy Moly 100 books!?!?! Awesome - whats your goal for 2015?

  4. Looks like you had an awesome December, for sure!! I love that advent calendar... so cute! And I had some Ole Henriksen truth serum a while back and it was amazing... I think I may need it in my life again. Happy New Year!