Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My 2015 Book Challenge.

One of my favorite things in the last few years has been participating in some blogger book challenges (Megan hosts my favorite one twice a year).  Thanks to these challenges, I've been pulled out of my favorite genres, read books that I otherwise would not have read, and discovered wonderful new authors.  Some of my favorite books have been discovered through these book challenges-- The Pilot's Wife, the Harry Potter series, and Hyperbole and a Half, just to name a few.

So I decided to make my own book challenge for the whole year!  I took many categories from a popsugar list, some old challenges from Megan's blog, some links on pinterest, and some of my own ideas.

There are 44 categories on this list, and my goal is to read 52 books this year.  So that leaves me with 8 "freebies" to read that are just for me.  And I do have a few self-imposed rules:  

- All books must be over 200 pages long
- Only three re-reads allowed unless 1) it's been more than 10 years 
since I first read the book OR 2) the category calls for it.
- No counting one book for multiple categories.  Each category gets its own book.
- I may switch books previously assigned to a category as the year goes, 
as long as they all get covered by only one book.
-All books must be started and finished within 2015, unless the category states otherwise.

So without further adieu, here's my list!

I hope to update my progress every other month or so in order to keep myself on track.  I can't wait to get started!


  1. I like that challenge. I can't wait to see what you read!

  2. Good for you!!!! I'm sure you'll be reading up a storm and I will gladly listen to your recommendations :)

  3. You always amaze me how you find the time to read. I am cheating now and read and listen to books. I can listen at work and read at home so I at least get a chance to get through some things. is going to love me. Happy reading.

  4. you are so fun. I will recommend the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn - it's about high school students, so maybe it'll count as your set in high school book? LOVE them :D.

  5. Love this! What a great challenge! I totally need to do something like this.

  6. I'm doing a similar book challenge!! :) I also joined a book club. I hope to read more books this year! :)

  7. I always love how passionate you are about reading :) I can't wait to see how you do with this challenge!