Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that three years ago today, I walked off a plane at Love Field where Donny stood in baggage claim with an engagement ring.  It was one of the biggest and best surprises of my life, and I'm loving that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

But back to this past weekend...  Friday, I made the decision to cut more than 5 inches off my hair!  It hasn't been this short in years, and I'm kind of loving it.  It took me less than 20 minutes to dry/style my hair after washing it yesterday morning, when before it took almost an hour.  LOVE.
Friday night, we went to dinner with April and her fiance Dave.  I'm so glad that I've been hanging out with April and Jen more recently.  We went months without seeing each other at the end of last year, but we've seen each other every other weekend for the last several.  I couldn't be happier to be reviving those friendships.  

Saturday, I don't think I even went outside, which is a little sad because it was such a nice day.  But I stayed in and read my books and watched some Justified.  I'm listening to Pronto and physically reading The Typewriter Girl.  And I've got to say that I'm having trouble loving them both.  Pronto is a little slow at the moment, and The Typewriter Girl is just so difficult to read and comprehend.  I'm looking forward to finishing both of them.

Sunday was my grandmother's birthday, so we all had lunch out and went back to her house for birthday cake!  You'd never guess that she's nearing 80 years old...

Sunday night, I watched the Grammys.  I don't remember when I started watching awards shows, but apparently I do now.  The Grammys are always great because the music is SO good and not as crazy as other shows.  And I was impressed last night.  

First of all-- the fashion.  One great thing about the Grammys is that you get more creative dresses than, say, The Oscars or Golden Globes.  But again, nothing outrageous like the VMAs.  Cutouts were clearly this year's trend, as was seen on many dresses.  These were some of my favorites of the night:

Clockwise from top left:  Iggy Azalea, Kat Graham, TSwift, and Katy Perry.
I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but her dress was fantastic.  And Katy Perry's red carpet purple bob with that sparkly long-sleeved dress-- gorgeous.  Iggy's blue column dress with the strategic cutouts made her look curvy and fabulous.  Loved Kat Graham's whimsical and fun but sexy gown.  

Despite the music numbers being mostly slow ballads, they were all also fantastic numbers.  Some of my favorites were Katy Perry, who took a huge risk, replacing her signature fun and flash for one of the most powerful vocal performances of the night on "By the Grace of God."
Seriously-- Adam Levine can do no wrong.  Moving past some horribly off-key misses from Gwen Stefani, their duet "My Heart is Open" was wonderfully emotional and beautiful.
And the best of the night went to John Legend and Common's duet of "Glory," which gave me goosebumps.  John Legend is one of the most gifted musicians of our time, and the combination with Common's uncommon (no pun intended) rap style is nothing short of powerful.  
But the night belonged to Sam Smith, who truly deserved it with all the quality, beautiful music that he created last year.  Good for him.

How was your weekend?


  1. Its always fun to look back on past eventful dates and reminisce :)
    Love the new haircut! And cutting down the time it takes to do it is a BIG win!
    Taylor's dress was my favorite, hands down!
    Hope you have a good start to the week!

  2. I loved Taylor's dress as well!

  3. Love your new hair cut! It must be so nice to have a shorter, simpler routine now. :)

  4. I guess I'm the only one who didn't watch the Grammy's. Lol. And I love your hair. It looks awesome!! :)

  5. LOVE your hair!!! Looks so great on you!!! And Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were my favorite looks at the Grammys too!

  6. love your hair! I think I'll have a work trip to NC soon - email me your city and I'll try to get it on the agenda :)