Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Update.

This weekend was a great weekend, and once again, I can't believe it's Monday already!  On Friday, I went to see Cinderella with my friend Stacy, and it was fantastic!  Lily James is just adorable.  And the mice were so cute!  There were some things that were different from the cartoon version, but it was still wonderful.  I don't know how comfortable these glass slippers would be, but I really wouldn't mind seeing them on my feet...
After Cinderella, I came home to watch the ACC tournament.  Friday night was a great night-- my Tar Heels beat Virginia, and Duke lost to Notre Dame!

Saturday, I cleaned my house, ran some errands, and read some of Big Little Lies.  Saturday was also my mom's birthday, so Donny and I had dinner with her and my dad, then they came back to our house for birthday cupcakes and the ACC tournament final.
Donny got her some wine, which they promptly enjoyed, and I gave her a mani/pedi and lunch date on yours truly.  Can't wait for us to enjoy this one!
Sadly, my Heels lost the final game on Saturday night.  But it was a great tournament for them after a rough last few weeks.

Sunday, we had a great morning in Church followed by lunch and more cupcakes for the birthday girl at my grandmother's house.
After lunch, I worked in the yard for a bit while Donny did school work.  Then, I spent the evening reading Big Little Lies.  I don't know why, but this book is going really slowly.  The more I read, the more I like it, but it's taking a while to get into.  I am anxious to get to the ending, which I hear is amazing.

I also did join doTERRA as a consultant this weekend, and I'm pretty excited about it!  I'm sure I'll be blogging more about it in the coming weeks once I get more informed about the products, but in the mean time, if you need any oils or want to know more, let me know!  You can also check out the doTERRA catalog here.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of that author's other popular book, in fact I stopped reading it because I felt it went slow so it doesn't shock me too much that this one is going slow for you. On another note, those cupcakes look delicious!

  2. I've been looking to buy some essential oils so send me details! Happy Birthday to your mom! I really wanted to see Cinderella this weekend but it didn't happen. Soon though!

  3. I'm so glad that you had a great weekend and got to celebrate your mom's birthday! Those cupcakes look delicious!!
    Ive heard awesome things about essential oils--can;t wait to hear more from you!!

  4. I just started Big Little Lies and am feeling the same way...but I'm sticking it out!