Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Update.

Friday, I spent the day volunteering for the National High School Mock Trial Competition.  I was really excited to do it before I realized it required me to be somewhere two hours from home by 7:30am...  Which meant that I was up on Friday at 3:40am.  Yikes.  I got halfway to Raleigh before I passed a Starbucks that was open!  But every now and then, I do enjoy watching the sun come up, and it was a once-a-year event, so I wasn't complaining too much.  
I love driving into downtown Raleigh-- so pretty!
And, of course, I can't possibly go to the Triangle without driving through my favorite place-- Chapel Hill!  Gosh, I love this place.
I had a blast at the tournament and saw some really fantastic high schoolers present their cases. Every time I go to one of these things, I really want to coach a team! And then I realize the time commitment that that requires... I don't know if I can teach a community college course, be in a weekly Bible study, play tennis, volunteer at a halfway house, AND help coach a mock trial team this fall. Wow, my head hurts already from just thinking about it. I'll just have to pray and seek God about what he wants me to do and what he wants me to say no to. 

Saturday, I managed to recover some sleep from the day before and actually read some in a book.  I actually read more than 200 pages this weekend!  I'm so glad that I got to spend time in a book-- I've missed it.  I started Jeffrey Archer's Only Time Will Tell, and it's really interesting.  It moves very fast, and sometimes I think it might be too fast.  But the story is fascinating, so I'll reserve judgment until I'm done.

Sunday, we had a wonderful day at church.  The message and Bible Fellowship lesson were about the Bible.  I mean, duh, of course it was about the Bible.  But more specifically about how God's word is true.  God's word is reliable.  God's word is our source.  And God's word is the standard that everything must line up with.  

And so of course, this morning, I was immediately challenged to put this into practice.  I had some difficult court cases and dealt with some difficult and unreasonable people first thing that made me want to be mean and nasty right back to them.  But I'm trying to live my life more intentionally and  Spirit-led by acknowledging that my reactions are my choices.  My feelings may not be, but how I act and respond and the thoughts I dwell on most certainly are.  Fortunately, I have this graphic as my phone background as a reminder to me that through the power of the Holy Spirit, the mean and negative thoughts I think do not have have to rule me!  I can capture them and bring them under the power of Christ and make them obedient to how He tells me to live-- to love and value people and not automatically think everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot.  It is NOT easy, and in my own power would be impossible.  But then again, no one ever said that following Jesus and trying to be more like Him would be effortless.


  1. So glad to hear that you ended up having a good time at the mock trial, despite the early morning wake up call! A starbucks stop was definitely in order haha. Sounds like the rest of the weekend was great, too! :)

  2. I bet the mock trial competition was really neat. I used to love those when I was in school. I really love what you have to say at the end of the post about being intentional with your thoughts/actions. It is something that I also struggle with, but have been convicted to change. Not easy, but fulfilling in practice. Hope the rest of your week is great!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the early morning even if it was suuuuper early :) That quote is great--you're right...negative thoughts need to just stay away because God has us in His hands!