About Me.

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by my little world wide web home.  :)

This is me.

I'm a lawyer.
(forgive the pic from over four years ago-- it's the only one I have where I look lawyerly!)

I'm a UNC alumni.

I'm a sports fan.

Here are some people you will quickly become familiar with...

The husband (sometimes referred to as "The Boy")

We got engaged in February 2012 and married on November 10, 2012!
Feel free to peruse the many wedding-related posts!

My wonderful family.

And my awesome friends.

I love Jesus, am frequently silly but sometimes serious, write semi-religiously about The Bachelor and Bachelorette and other tv I'm watching, and am slightly obsessed with beauty products.

If you want to know more, here's a great place to start!  :)